A single isovist is the volume of space visible from a given point in space, together with a specification of the location of that point. Isovists are naturally three-dimensional, but they may also be studied in two dimensions. Every point in physical space has an isovist associated with it.
This series is about my daughter growing up and the changing distance between her and me.
I started photographing her for this series as soon as she could walk and will try to continue as long as she will allow me.
Maybe with the illusion I will always see her at least four times a year.
Her getting bigger but moving further and further away makes the tension of separation and her growing independence visible in my isovist.
Sharing this isovist from the stationary position of my camera emphasises both our positions.
She is exploring and moving on and mine is of observation and melancholy.
There's always a physical barrier in front of her that blocks her path forward or at least limits her ability to walk off but that's only the case from my and therefore the viewers perspective.